Thinking about the Learner Experience

A classroom of learnersAll of us who deliver professional training in many varied disciplines to end users must never forget: “what does the learner feel or are they in the right environment for a perfect learning experience”.

How does that journey begin? Well, for me I want to ensure my training equipment is mobile enough to set-up in any training location (room, desk, porta-cabin to name but a few!)

Opinions will be varied but in my qualified opinion here are some simple tips:

  • Laptop Computer that can work with most modern projectors via an HDMI connection.
  • Ultra Ultra Short Through Projector that will produce a clear sharp high definition image in a completely dark room or not be affected by some natural light.
  • If the learner is going to be practicing what is be taught, have you an portable elevator platform to ensure the laptop computer is at the desired height for the learner.
  • Ensure you have prepared printed off technical handouts that are going to save the learner time in writing notes instead of making time to concentrate on the topic.
  • Test your equipment regularly and buying cheap will not deserve success.
  • Last, but not least add humour and fun to the topic with scenarios that the learner can relate to make the learning a good memory instead of a bad one.

About the author

Renford Marsden MInstLM, MLPI has achieved UK professional membership of the: Institute of Leadership & Management and the Learning & Performance Institute during his current working life. He completed his secondary school education in the 1970s. Then continued increasing his qualifications via adult further education evening classes. Also known as nightschool in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s.

He has also has undertaken further studying remotely and recently qualified in 2019 with a City & Guilds Digital Marketing (Level 3) diploma. He believes, that you are never too old to learn. That achieving additional qualifications indicates hard work and genuine interest in the topic. Most importantly flexibility when being engaged in paid work. Currently as a professional freelance PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) qualified trainer. Delivering training in the niche discipline of IT bespoke software. As well as undertaking voluntary training delivery in the charity sector relating to governance and compliance.