Nathan Dring FLPI

September 17, 2019 was a client of Wordsmith & Paper Limited

Training Delivery – End User Training of IT Bespoke Software (Automotive & Bodyshop)

“I have been working for Renford almost a year and he has never once given me reason so consider other associates. With running my own business, finding someone who can represent me and the brand seemed like a risk…until Renford. The ideal professional. He delivers flawlessly for the client and is brilliantly communicative. He has changed and adapted as needed to best fit with changing client needs and always gives them exactly what they need. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Mark Gilmartin

Director of Support Services, Kent Police

December 17, 2018 was a client of Wordsmith & Paper Limited

Training Delivery – IT Bespoke Software (Athena Project)

“I wanted to formally place on record my thanks and appreciation for your hard work, commitment and contribution to the successful launch of Athena in Kent. You can and should be, immensely proud of what you’ve achieved here in Kent. I am genuinely grateful for your efforts and I know that the Chief Constable is on record as stating this is the best IT implementation he has encountered – well done!”

Chris Allington

NED at iRed, IPSE, VFS

December 9, 2018, Chris was a client of Wordsmith & Paper Limited

Project Management & IT Services

“Wordsmith and Paper (W&M) responded to an Eastergate Parish Council ITT in mid 2017 to provide a range of project management and IT services. This included managing improvements to the Council’s primary assets (Parish Hall, Sports Ground, Pavilion) and establishing audit, maintenance and management procedures. We have also used W&M to support the writing of bids for grants with some success. W&M have delivered on all objectives and understood the particular challenges around community facilities and Parish Councils. Delivery of the services is good, under-budget and well reported“.