Do you want to Up-Skill?

Our Experiences

We may have experienced during our working life of the sudden realisation that our employment skills are no longer required. Thus the need for retraining to achieve better qualifications for the future. It could be as a result of a change management project necessitating re-training, redundancy or your employers business ceases trading altogeather. All of these can be very painful, emotional, life-changing and impact family members as well. So what do we need to do with our current employment skills?

Employment skills in the future!

Can we plan or factor in changing our career path naturally during our employment years? With reference to the recent BBC News Business article: “UK workers who lose jobs to AI will be retrained” This study is obviously focusing on current employment skills relating to manufacturing and what support is needed for the future. But their is a wider picture of even shop related employment disappearing as a possible result of on-line purchasing.


Are you considering improving employment skills or up-skilling? This could be considered as future proofing your employability. For either enjoyment, you may have passion relating to a hobby or employment necessity? Either way, plan what are your motivations. Undertake extensive research, importantly realising that you are needing to give or divert your crucial spare time. The well establishing saying “you are never too old to learn” is not outdated. It is a reflection of all of us contributing to our communities and still having so much to offer in experience and transferable skills.

Training providers that could help

Check out who can provide employability skills-based training in the United Kingdom to assist with up-skilling? Please note, these UK references are not definitive: UK Register of Regulated Qualifications

Professional Memberships

You may wish to consider based on your up-skilling, joining a United Kingdom professional membership organisation to enhance your employability. This gives recognition and credibility to your experience and skill sets related to your niche or chosen discipline. Please note, these UK references are not definitive: Approved professional organisations and learned societies

About the blogger

Renford Marsden MInstLM, MLPI has achieved UK professional membership of the: Institute of Leadership & Management and the Learning & Performance Institute during his current working life. He completed his secondary school education in the 1970s. Then continued increasing his qualifications via adult further education evening classes. Also known as nightschool in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s. He has also has undertaken further studying remotely. He believes, that you are never too old to learn. That achieving additional qualifications indicates hard work and genuine interest in the topic. Most importantly flexibility when being engaged in paid work. Currently as a professional freelance PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) qualified trainer. Delivering training in the niche discipline of IT bespoke software.

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Have you re-trained to improve your employability and what support or challenges did you experience in your journey? Let me know by submitting your comments below

6 thoughts on “Do you want to Up-Skill?

  1. Nice blog Redford! I love learning new skills – in fact that’s probably more of an issue than it sounds! There’s so much that I want to learn about, I’m not sure I have time to fit it all in 🙂

  2. Funny, I was talking to my daughter (16) about life time learning yesterday. She was complaining as she moves to sixth form college about the pressure she feels to ‘find’ a career – the career. We were discussing the value of following ones interests and building a range of skills and knowledge through life long learning that can be used flexibly as AI etc impacts on job roles of the future.

  3. Thank you, Louise it is so important that our life long journey will be about learning in some shape or form. All of us adapt and gain new skills along the way.

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